Why the name High Fives for Stacey?

Simply put, Stacey loves high fives. She always has. In addition to that, the high five itself has a lot of meaning; support, cheering on, acknowledgment, praise, comradery,  acceptance, unity.  It totally fits. We want to express all those things to families with special needs.

Vision Statement:

High Fives for Stacey “listens differently” to special needs families in hopes to provide both practical and emotional support for each one’s unique circumstances, with the fundamental goal being to facilitate family unity and bonding.

Mission Statement:

High Fives for Stacey exists to offer support to families with special needs of chronic or acute nature by helping obtain useful resources, therapies and/or equipment that would truly provide an emotional and practical benefit for the whole family.

How will we raise funds?

  • Sponsors: Supporting HFFS through private or corporate donations of time, resources, knowledge and skill sharing.
  • Donors: Private or corporate financial donors either one time or recurring.
  • Churches: We strongly believe the church has a mission field in their community. The disabled population has many unique and often unfamiliar needs. If you’d like to discuss ways your church can better reach this community please contact us today!
  • Events: We will be hosting a variety of yearly events, both large and small. If you’d to be part of an event let us know, we are always in need of volunteers.

How will we choose families?

The team will evaluate each need as we become aware of them. If you’ve observed a need or a way to bless a family (sometimes “wants” are just as important as “needs”) please fill out the nomination form found here.

For more information, email Shannon at HFFSinfo@gmail.com.

Our Board Of Directors can be found here.

Help Make a Difference in the Life of a Special Needs Family