Our Mission

We can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but we can walk beside you.

Vision Statement:

High Fives for Stacey Inc provides support to special needs families in hopes to provide both practical and emotional support for each one’s unique circumstances, with the fundamental goal being to facilitate family unity and bonding.

Mission Statement:

High Fives for Stacey Inc exists to offer support to families with special needs of chronic or acute nature by helping obtain useful resources, therapies and/or equipment that would truly provide an emotional and practical benefit for the whole family.

Our Board Officers ( for more info on them click here )
President: Shannon Santamaria
Treasurer: Kelly Pounder
Secretary: Amberley Stegner
Our Board Members: Rob Talbot and Laura McCullough

For more information, email Shannon at HighfivesforStacey@gmail.com.

Help Make a Difference in the Life of a Special Needs Family