Make A Request

Do you know a family who has a member with special needs? Have you observed a need and want to see them be blessed?  Needs and desires vary from family to family so don’t hesitate to suggest a blessing that seems unusual.

Some information I find helpful in this inquiry:

Please use the word NOMINATE in the subject line.

  • Family members names and ages of children
  • Your connection to the family (friend/family member/co-worker)
  • The need you have observed or been made aware of
  • We've sponsored families for Saddle Up Therapeutic Horse Back Riding Transportation assistance, IEP assistance, Home accessibility upgrades and more!
  • The need you have observed or been made aware of
  • Is this a time sensitive request?
  • The diagnosis if known
  • City and State of the family
  • If I may contact them, their information, and yours as well
  • Do you want your nomination to remain anonymous?
  • Anything else you feel clarifies the need.
  • Attach a photo if you’d like.

~~ Please note, nomination does not guarantee a blessing will be provided. We will contact you for more information as needed and do our best to give you a decision quickly. All nominations are reviewed by the board prior to final approval and verification of funds available.

Please send your request to:

Help Make a Difference in the Life of a Special Needs Family