It Really Is This Simple

Three Questions, Three Ideas and Three Reasons.

Three questions:

1) Are you a business owner or manager?
2) Are you a crafter?
3) Would you like an opportunity to promote your business while supporting unique families? It’s super easy.

Three ideas:

1) Donate a service you provide to sponsor an event.
2) Donate an item to be used as a giveaway, auction item or gift.
3) Become a one time or repeating financial sponsor.

Three reasons:

1) In return we will promote your business via social media, website links and printed material.
2) Supporting others builds stronger networking relationships in your community.
3) Paying it forward is just a nice thing to do.

At HFFS, we like to say: “Large or small, we’ll take them all!” We’d love to chat about your ideas and how we can partner up! Drop us an email!

Help Make a Difference in the Life of a Special Needs Family