Lights! Camera! Action!

A few years ago all five of our kids got to be in a movie! It’s just a small scene, but it was sure fun to be on the set! No Greater Love was written and directed by the same people who did Grace Unplugged which is an award winning film!

Here’s the fun part… you can kill two birds with one stone (although I don’t recommend throwing stones at birds!) You can Support HFFS just by getting yourself a movie!! See Stacey and her siblings in No Greater Love on DVD and support HFFS just by clicking the affiliate link below!!

And, for double whammy support … if you haven’t tried Amazon Prime, you totally should… click here, sign up for the free trial, then come back here and use the link below to order the movie!! Easy Peasy Freezy! This link also supports us – even if you only sign up for the free trial and cancel after one day!
There you go! Two great ways to support HFFS without really costing you anything! The Amazon Prime trial is totally free, and you’ve been wanting to see a new movie anyway right!?! :)



Let me know what you think of the movie! I enjoyed, and could relate to both of them!

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