Mother's Day shmuthers day

(I wrote this from my phonen in the car so i apologize now for whatever odd errors you spot!)

Ok some truth…
Mother’s Day isn’t super amazing for everyone. For some it’s wrought with heartache. Having what you ache to be, but are not, basically rubbed in your face. For some it is a choice and for others it’s due to loss, infertility or singleness.

Ladies, YOU should have a day to honor you. So here you go… Happy non mom’s day! Gosh that sounds lame. It doesn’t do justice to the time, energy and love you give to those in your life that are either children or other adults. Us moms, we kind of are supposed to love our kids and be all kinds of awesome to them. But you, you do it by choice! Thank you!! Maybe you don’t have children in your life, but I bet you have moms in it. I bet you have helped them mother better. Delivered a meal, babysat, rocked babies, laughed at silly jokes and no doubt listened to endless stories. Thank you! You make mothering just that much more awesome. So, happy non mom’s day to you! I love you, appreciate you and am thankful for you!

Then there’s this word. It can make or break your Mother’s Day… mom or not. Expectations. Oh come on. You know what I mean. You go to bed the night before with images of breakfast in bed and a day of gifts and pampering. Then you wake up. Haha. ‘nuf said. A few years ago I decided to take hold of that word. I still have expectations. I expect gifts, relaxation and laughter. It’s the how and the who that I’ve changed the expectations about. I buy gifts for the family. Yep. You read that right!

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