The Kindness Ripple

These last few weeks, months actually, have been exceptionally hard for me. For a variety of reasons, none of which are relevant to share here. I was honestly starting to feel a little invisible. I tend to keep to keep my head down and plow through these seasons on my own, determined not to burden others and to, well, survive.

Randomly, on a morning I just felt so weary, both physically and emotionally, I received two messages totally out of the blue. They were just the encouragement I needed. My heart overflowed and poured out as tears down my cheeks. They were little notes of random kindness and thoughtfulness. Both caught me off guard as they weren’t from my intimate circle of friends and I’d had no contact with them for some time. They were from two who didn’t know each other. Neither of them had any way of knowing the struggles I was dealing with.

Those little messages were just the boost I needed. I felt encouraged, loved, and accepted. It was so nice to know I’d crossed their mind and they cared enough to just take a moment and let me know. In turn, I made effort to also reach out to those who crossed my mind. Doing so made me smile and I know made them smile as well.

The ripple effect is huge. Are you creating positive ripples? Are you being an encourager? Are you being forgiving? Are you being gracious?

Here is the Kindness Ripple Challenge: When you think kindly about someone, tell them! When you respect someone, say so! When you admire someone, let them know! If you sense someone is in a hard season, reach out with encouragement! A note, a little gift, a phone call or text. (although a snail mail is still the best!)

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