What's in our logo?

Our logo has a story to tell and I’d like to share it.

The hand print:

It’s Stacey’s. Enough said. Ok, I’ll give you a little more…She has a chromosome deletion on 3q and although it’s never been mapped, they think it is why her fingers are unusually long and her overall hand is unusually small. Her 16 year old hand is much smaller than most 10 year olds. Very long skinny fingers with disproportionate size joints.

The swoosh under the handprint:

It symbolizes support, holding up, lifting up, being present. What we strive to do for others.

The color purple:

Two reasons for this; Stacey was in a wheelchair for 5 years before she learned to walk independently…it was purple. The color of the ribbon showing support for epilepsy is purple. Stacey started having seizures when she was four.

The color teal:

I like it.

“High Fives for Stacey…”:

Because Stacey loves high fives! The high five in general is a sign of camaraderie, support, praise, acknowledgement of a job well done, and unity. We strive to offer this to the families we serve.


We were incorporated as a non-profit in May 2014!


Because every gift is a blessing and we hope to give a lot!

“families with special needs”:

Is who we serve

Any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments~

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